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About 15 years ago, Christina Velez came to the United States from Ecuador with the goal of achieving the American dream. Her first job in the United States was cleaning a home for a large family in Brooklyn. On a day-to-day basis, she cleaned the familys home and leamed a lot about their family history, their culture, their line of work, and their beliefs. She was punctual, always willing to accommodate last minute requests, and always tried her best to provide the best wa product. These qualities opened the door to various referral opportunities to provide cleaning services for individuals families and companies ,After some time, she became the Supervisor of one of the Cleaning companies. She started to train cleaners and started to get more and more loyal clients. Her dream was to open her own cleaning company. And now she did that, thank's to everyone who was supporting, and helping her, she founded XO Cleaning and started her journey, to make her Dream come true.

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Professional Quality Guarantee
We Use only Best Products
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We Guarantee 100% Quality of cleaning, but for some reason, you are not gonna be satisfied with the service, we can schedule Re-Cleaning service without any additional charge if you would let us know in less than 24 hours.

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Our Special Offers

We have special discounts for Recurring Cleaning Services.

Weekly 20%

If you would like to use our services in Regular Basis, you will get 20% discount for Weekly Recurring cleaning services. We have the option to send the same cleaner every week.

Bi-Weekly 15%

You can choose Bi-Weekly cleaning option, our cleaners will come every other week to keep your place clean. By choosing this option you will get 15% OFF for every cleaning service.


10% Discount

Montly 10%

By choosing Monthly Cleaning option you will have 10% Off from your cleaning services. Our professional cleaners will come once in a month to keep the place fresh and clean.

Our Cleaning Experts

Our Maids are Professionals who know their job and can easily accomplish all your needs and preferences.

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